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Feedback from people that have used Enchanted Essences Products

Mary From Williamstown, NJ wrote:

I gave the custom blend Breathe Better roll-on a try the night that I received it. There was a noticeable difference by morning - less mucous, less post-nasal drip, and for the first time in about 4 months my voice sounded normal when I woke up. 3 days later and I'm still seeing improvements.  Thank you, Lisa!! 

W.D. from New Rochelle, NY. wrote:

As much as I love the sprays, (Reiki Essence and a Custom Blend), I have to start with my favorite thing. My wife uses lip balm all the time and is VERY picky about it..... it seems like every time she finds a "cruelty-free" balm she likes, it gets discontinued. So when she opened your version and said "Ooh! Come here -- you have to smell this!", my day was already made! (Keeping her happy is a priority, of course!). As for the sprays -- wow! First place, the Reiki spray is lovely -- very fresh but wonderfully complex at the same time... 
In both the sample and the Cinnamon/Vanilla spray,(Custom Blend) I was surprised at how strong the cinnamon is when you first spray it. I have some "straight" cinnamon essential oil and I know it's pretty potent stuff, so I wasn't surprised that both sprays were a little pleasantly warm sprayed on my skin. What I wasn't expecting was how lovely the blend was after it dried and the vanilla warmed into its glory. 
But, as I said, everything was just beautiful. And thanks for the amazing, personalized service -- THAT'S too often a forgotten nicety these days. I WILL be back for more goodies soon (especially with "bug" and "sun" season finally seeming to start around here!)

Nicole from Collegeville, PA wrote:

Lisa was so amazing! She went above and beyond to make sure my package was delivered and everything was right with it! It was such a pleasure to be able to connect with her and I am so pleased with her products! I will be sure to continue to order from her! She has the best customer service! Highly recommend!

N.S. from Phoenixville, PA wrote:

Thank you so much for the thoughtful free gift! I am very pleased with my order and was very happy to receive it (as well as the hand written note with my invoice). Everything was packaged so well to keep it safe, I really appreciate the care that went into my shipment (plus all that bubble wrap to pop from stress relief!! ). I am more than happy to have spent my money supporting a small local business that provides such a unique array of quality products. Thank you for your care and attention to detail in both your products and your shipping. It was pleasure shopping with you, Lisa. Stay well and many blessings to you. 

Debbie Cromack from Emerge Empowerment wrote:

"My mother loved the Bath Salts Gift Set I purchased from you!
I'm just starting to learn more about essential oils and I'm looking forward to learning more from you and getting something for myself!"

Gina from Mount Joy, PA wrote:

"I Love my Custom Blend! It is exactly how I hoped it would be.           Thank you so much!"

R.W. from Phila,PA wrote:

"My husband Jack brought my order home from where he works with your boyfriend and I just wanted to thank you for the free Roll-on Blend! I Love these products! The Stress Relief Roll-on has taken permanent occupancy right next to my computer at work! Just wanted to comment on how great your products are. The Sweet Sugar Scrub is to die for! I am glad your boyfriend mentioned your products to my husband at work - I would have never know about them otherwise."

K.J. from Phoenixville, PA wrote:

"We used the Bug-Away Spray while on a hike in nature. It really worked well, we did not get insect bites! But our guide whom was not using it, did get bites! He should have known about Enchanted Essences Bug Away Spray!"

Jamie from Norristown, PA wrote:

"The Bug-Away Spray has been working quite well!! We've all used it and it seems to be keeping the mosquitoes away. It smells good too!"

M. U. from Exton, PA wrote:

"Everything came in great condition. My husband and I have been using the Pain Relief Oil Blend. I really like the roll-on cap applicator. It especially helps my husband with his hips at night. He told me that again the other day. We will be getting more! I have also used the Relaxation Spray and the PMS Oil Blend, I like them as well. I plan to use the Orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit Essential Oils for cleaning. I am sure you will be hearing from me again."

Jamie from Norristown, PA wrote:

"Hi Lisa, I received the sprays yesterday. They smell amazing! I've been busy spraying the Virus Protection Spray everywhere! Thank you again!"

Laurie from Unionville, PA wrote:

"This is my first time with the Vibrational Essence Spray. I'm thinking of chakra clearing and facilitating meditation. I'll let you know what other uses I come up with, and would love to hear your suggestions. It smells FABULOUS! I actually had gotten a bottle of your Reiki Spray from my friend... I LOVED IT and have finally ran out :( and I just had to order more! I use it a lot for clearing in preparation for, and after, doing readings - on me, my crystals, my space, etc. Love the beautiful energy and the scent!"

Sylvia from Reading, PA wrote:

"I fell and injured my shoulder while snow skiing. I felt it was a strained muscle or tendon, nothing broken, so I used Enchanted Essences Pain Relief Oil several times a day. It really helped to soothe and feel better. I was back to skiing the following week!"

T.M., from Pottstown, PA wrote:

"The Muscle Soother Massage Oil does help relax the muscles and also energizes the skin and the body."

Betty, from Pottstown, PA wrote:

"I really like the Rose Geranium Face Cream! It makes my skin softer. I use it morning and night. It smells so nice too!"

Mary S., from Williamstown, NJ wrote:

"The Patchouli Rose Lotion is one of the smoothest, softest lotions I've ever used. It went on very smooth and light and never felt oily. I would like to order a custom body lotion...."

Jean, from Pottstown, PA wrote:

"The PMS Cramp Oil you made works! I am usually down for 3 days with severe cramps. Well, they didn't go completely away but I was able to be up and about. And the cramps weren't as bad. Now maybe if I had actually gotten to start a few days ahead, like you said I should, I may have been without them altogether. Thank you for sharing this oil with me."

Jackie wrote:

"I found your website through Jeanne Rose's website. I love her and I own many of her books-I have followed her work for 25 years so I respect her opinion. I can't wait to receive my order!"

.......and a follow-up from Jackie:

I received my Essential Oils today--WOW that was fast! They all smell wonderful!! Can't wait to play with them and will pass along the cards and brochures. Thank you for the outstanding service and quality oils.

Daria wrote:

"Lisa has been a tremendous asset to my overall well-being in the past year. ...... I had been in chronic pain for months and couldn't find any relief. I had been to Lisa for a massage once in the past and had been extremely impressed, so I decided to go back to her and see if massage might help my condition. After our first session I felt immediate results. I decided to start going to her on a regular basis, and now I only experience very occasional, mild flare-ups. I was also lucky enough to have experienced an amazing Chakra cleansing and Reiki session with Lisa. Her gentle energy and giving spirit have been a blessing for me, as well as for my mother, sister, brother-in-law and friends to whom I have recommended her. I've also had the pleasure of using some of her wonderful Essential Oils and have benefited from her knowledge of their uses. Lisa's intuitive nature, innate skill, and openness to everything around her makes her a standout in her field and a treasure in our community. Thank you, thank you!"

Edie wrote:

"When I first went to Lisa for a massage 9 months ago, I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and how comfortable she made me feel. And that was only the beginning. She had an uncanny ability to know just where it hurt and to make the pain ease away. I’ve found that she customizes each session to deal with current problems and she even intuitively knows when to use a bit of reiki to help relieve the mental tension as well. Her massages leave me feeling rejuvenated, recharged and have been so effective at keeping me limber and on the go."

Her Enchanted Essences Product Line has also been a remarkable find! I’ve been enjoying her luscious Rose Geranium Face Cream and will be using her essential oils at home to help with the aches & pains until my next massage. Now I look forward to a weekly massage with Lisa and I wonder how I managed without them! I recommend her to anyone who will listen! Thanks so much!"

M.C., from Warminster, PA wrote:

"I received a beautiful Enchanted Essences gift basket as a wedding present- it was full of goodies like body lotion, massage oil, body mist spray, roll-on blend. My favorite is the Rose Geranium Face Cream. I have extremely sensitive and dry skin. Most moisturizers irritate my skin and cause redness. I use the Rose Geranium Face Cream daily, and am thrilled with the results. It feels clean and light and never causes even the slightest irritation. Plus, it smells delicious!"

L.J.S., from Linwood, NJ wrote:

"I ordered a custom blend from Enchanted Essences for annoying indigestion. It really did the trick when I was going through the nervous stomach days! Thanks again"

S.M., from Boyertown, PA wrote:

"I like the Rose Geranium Face Cream so much that I am ordering another jar from you! I have noticed the wrinkles around my eyes become less visible! I am also ordering the Rose Water Spray. I love ROSE!!!"

J.D., from Pottstown, PA wrote:

"Thank you, the custom-made cream for my daughter's rash works great. You said for her to put it on at least 3 X a day. Well she didn't listen, but did do it once a day and by the second day it had cleared up! Thanks again!" 

C.B. from Malvern, PA wrote:

(Regarding a custom massage oil) - "I got it in just a few days after I ordered it. It smelled great and she loved it! The scents came through clear and the carrier oil was fresh and held well. The bottle pump did a good job. Thanks again for putting that together."




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